A) The Pleurotus Eryngii is grown into greenhouses, under the coverage of a 90% shading cloth and eventually (only with regard to the superior part of the greenhouse) with a transparent plastic film.
Over the floor (better if built in concrete), different mushroom beds (in concrete or with metal plates as well) are built (1 meter width, 25 centimeters height).
It is necessary, between a mushroom bed and another to leave at least 50cm of free space.
The greenhouse, before the beginning of the growing operation, must be carefully disinfected with specific products like the Environ™ LpH™, or a solution containing 95% water and 5%

sodium hypochlorite.
B) The substrate bags must be placed into the bed side by side each other, then opened on the top part, removing the plastic wrap until the substrate level is totally exposed.
After that, the substrate must be covered with a layer (1cm thickness) of well filtered soft soil.
C) Over this covering layer, some treatments with specific products must be applied, in order to prevent the spread of diseases.
The first treatment involves the use of Procloraz based products, to avoid the development of mold of any kind.

4 grams of product will be diluted in 2 liters of water, then subministered in a surface of 1 square meter.
The second treatment involves deltametrina (C22H19Br2NO3), to prevent worms proliferation.
1 gram of product must be diluted in 2 liters of water, subministered as well in a surface of 1 square meter.
As of now, the only disease against there is no solution that's the so called "Bacteriosis".
D) After those treatments, only nebulized water will be subministered.

The soil must be always wet, but not soak.
An irrigation system with nebulizers is recommended, better if positioned on the top.
E) After 10-15 days, the first signs of growth are going to be visible to the naked eye, since then, in a matter of a few days, the bed will be covered in mushrooms ready for harvest.
The harvest must be done through hand, exercising torsion on the base of the mushroom.
Once the first harvest is over, add soil where necessary and in 10-15 days more mushrooms will be ready to be collected.
Totally, each bag will provide 0,8 - 1 kilograms of product, with even higher yield depending on climate conditions.

F) After 2 harvests the cycle ends, at this point the exausted bags will be removed, the greenhouse disinfected again, and a new grow operation can start.


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