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Resistance to minimal temperatures:  
Resistance to thermal rise:      
  Candid white
Mycelium colour:        
  White with darker spots
Early grow between 16-18°C and 90% relative humidity:
  15-20 days
Best cultivation timeframe:      
  Autumn - Winter


Mushroom with good resistance to diseases, particularly resistant against Trichoderm viride, Dactylium dendroides and bacteriosis.
Growing environment
This mushroom requires a low light environment, high humidity and constant temperature. Cellars or places with low ligh and high humidity are recommended.
from 000 to 200 mt over mean sea level  
  G F M A M G L A S O N D  
from 200 to 500 mt over mean sea level  
  G F M A M G L A S O N D  
from 500 to 1000 mt over mean sea level  
  G F M A M G L A S O N D  
Strain details:
The "Erinaceo" mushroom is part of the large class of the Basidiomiceti. Having candid white or light brown coloration, it grows over tree trunks during autumn and spring. It's characteristic cauliflower shape inspired a lot of names. In China it's denominated "Monkey Brain", while in numerous Italian regions it's known as "Bear head". The erinaceo, almost unknown in western cuisine, it's considered with great esteem in the east..
Cut away the plastic on the superior side of the substrate bags, and put them side by side in a low light environment with high humidity. Air circulation must be slow but constant. Proceed with water subministration 1-2 times a day, in order to maintain the right humidity conditions. Before the first harvest, clean the substrate with care and repeat the same steps another time, in order to obtain a second harvest.

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