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Resistance to minimal temperatures:  
  Weak if 10°C or less
Resistance to thermal rise:      
  Good (if not higher than 25°C)
  Bright brown
Mycelium colour:        
  White with darker thickenings
Early grow at 16-18°C and 90% relative humidity:
  15-20 days
Best cultivation timeframe:      
  Sping - Autumn
Mushroom with good resistance to Trichoderma viride and bacteria. Especially resistant to Dactylium dendroides.
Growing environmente
Conservatory greenhouse with good air circulation, good light intensity, pavemented and with good hygiene. The mushroom does tolerate thermal rise, and variations in humidity and ventilation. If carried out as hobby, cultivation can be done in cellars or gardens.
from 000 to 200 mt over mean sea level  
  G F M A M G L A S O N D  
from 200 to 500 mt over mean sea level  
  G F M A M G L A S O N D  
from 500 to 1000 mt over mean sea level  
  G F M A M G L A S O N D  
Strain details:
The Pholiota aegerita, or pioppino or chiodino, that's a well known mushroom, appreciated in ancient eras as well as now. It's present, and grows spontaneously in Italy. It has compact meat, usually white or slightly dark. The natural habitat of the mushroom is over poplar three trunk, but it also grows over other threes in spring or autumn.
Carefully remove the external envelope wrapping the top part of the bag, and place the bags at a distance of 10-15cm from each other. Particular attenction must be paid to water, which must be subministered 3-4 times a day in order to keep the substrate always wet.

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